SENT: Serving God’s Mission

From its earliest days, Christian mission has been a core ingredient in the annual Keswick Convention. It began very humbly in 1885 with a prayer meeting, but interest grew and, in 1887, the Convention held its fi rst offi cial missionary meeting at which Hudson Taylor of OMF was the speaker. Over the years, many hundreds of young people have responded on the world mission evenings, indicating their willingness to serve the Lord wherever he called them. Today emphasis is now no longer exclusively on young people who want to serve in missions, but on believers of all ages and stages of their Christian lives. But our concern is that we should continue to play a signifi cant role in promoting world mission. And our convictions about the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and his exclusive claims remain as strong as ever, as do our convictions about the centrality in mission of the proclamation of the gospel. At Keswick 2018, as God’s Word is opened, we’ll see His heart for a lost and broken world. It’s our prayer that, by His Spirit, He will encourage, build up, and envision us. May we head away from Keswick not just having heard His command but also knowing His power and longing to obey.

Week 1 14-20 July

Christopher Ash - 2018 Alternative

Bible Reading Speaker

Christopher Ash

Christopher Ash first put his trust in Christ as a teenager. He is Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge. After thirteen years in secular work, he has been a local church pastor, and …more

Others contributing to the programme

  • Steve Brady
  • Tim Chester
  • Christopher Chia
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Ben Cooper
  • Richard Dannatt
  • Martin Erwin
  • Michael Harvey
  • Mel Lacy
  • Phil Moore
  • Louise Morse
  • Alasdair Paine
  • Tom Putt
  • James Robson
Colin Webster Stage

Music will be led by

Colin Webster

Originally from Stonehaven in Scotland, Colin worked in the oil industry on exploration rigs. He spent three years on the road with the Saltmine Band, followed by several years working at Westminster Chapel where he met his wife Vicki. After studying at Moorland Bible College he was called to serve as a minister and evangelist at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham where he has been serving for 20 years. Colin and Vicki have two children, James and Ben. He writes worship songs and is greatly inspired by old hymns.

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Week 2 21-27 July

Chris Wright - Photo 2018

Bible Reading Speaker

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership, which provides literature, scholarships and preaching training for Majority World pastors and seminaries. He taught in …more

Others contributing to the programme

  • Tim Chester
  • Graham Daniels
  • Rodgers Emmy Atwebembeire
  • Mel Lacy
  • Jonathan Lamb
  • Peter Maiden
  • Martin Salter
  • Matthew Skirton
  • Andrew Warren
  • Joelle Warren
Stuart Townend

Music will be led by

Stuart Townend

Stuart Townend is known and respected around the world as one of the leading worship songwriters of his generation. He is also a gifted worship leader, musician, recording artist and seminar speaker, and spends a good part of his year leading worship at major Christian events, doing solo concerts, recording studio albums, and training emerging worship leaders and songwriters. He has featured on numerous live worship albums down the years.

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Week 3 28 July-3 August

David Cook - Photo 2018

Bible Reading Speaker

David Cook

David Cook is currently a lecturer in preaching at Presbyterian Theological College, Victoria and a part-time lecturer in preaching at SMBC. He has been training preachers in the UK and Malaysia on …more

Others contributing to the programme

  • Jonty Allcock
  • Ramez Atallah
  • Rebecca Atallah
  • Simon Barrington
  • Richard Borgonon
  • Derek Burnside
  • David Gascoigne
  • Krish Kandiah
  • Jonathan Lamb
  • James Robson
  • Ed Shaw
  • Elaine Storkey
EMU Music, Anna and Philip

Music will be led by

Alanna Glover & Philip Percival (Emu Music)

Established in Sydney, Australia and now based in Oxford, Emu Music has a global ministry teaching church leaders and musicians about what a Biblical approach to singing looks like, in theology and practice. Their ‘Word In Song’ conferences balance Bible teaching with hands-on training.
Alanna lives in Oxford where she works for Emu Music and St Ebbe’s Church. She is married to Rohan (who designs airplanes!) and together they love photography, travel, crime dramas, coffee and snow.
Philip, married to Kate, leads the music at St Ebbe’s, Oxford and heads up the ministry of Emu Music. He is author of Then Sings My Soul, a book on Biblical music ministry, and composes songs for churches. Website:, Facebook:

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