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  • Ministry Books

    Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on some of the amazing messages from the latest Keswick Conventions - and if you’ve never been before they will give you an idea of the excellent teaching on offer at the next Convention!

    • 2013 Yearbook

      Keswick 2013 - The Transforming Trinity

      Many Christians ignore the doctrine of the Trinity, assuming it to be irrelevant for daily life. But it is a mystery worth grappling with, because it’s central to our beliefs and fundamental to the working out of our faith – the Trinity is the heartbeat of Christianity

      £7.50 inc. P&P
    • Promotional Materials

      Keswick 2008 - Creation, Chaos & Christ

    • Keswick 07 - Unshackled cover

      Keswick 2007 - Unshackled - Living in Outrageous Grace

    • Keswick06

      Keswick 2006 - The Church in the Power of the Spirit

    • 2012 Yearbook

      Keswick 2012 - Going the Distance

      As the Olympic athletes discovered this summer, the secret to winning a gold medal is not just starting well, it’s finishing well. We usually start our Christian race with great enthusiasm, but the challenge is to finish faithfully. How can we keep motivated for service, maintain our commitm

      £5 (plus P&P)
    • Word to the World - 2011 Ministry Book

      Keswick 2011 - Word to the World

      Mission – a few isolated Bible texts, or a reality so central in Scripture that we might conclude it is in God’s very ‘DNA’, the God who so loved the world that he Missioned his Son and now comissions his Church to bring His word to the nations?

      £5 (plus P&P)
    • 2010 Ministry books

      Keswick 2010 - Christ Centred Renewal

      Daily renewal was the apostle Paul’s desire. It’s the reality that Christians long for, but so many find elusive. Christ-centred renewal – the theme for Keswick 2010 – affirms the sufficiency of Christ for all of life, His power to renew not only our lives but the whole of His creation.

      £2 or £5 for 3 (plus P&P)
    • Faith that works

      Keswick 2009 - Faith That Works

      Does our faith work in all circumstances? On a Monday morning and when we are on holiday? Chatting with friends and surfing the Internet? Doing the washing and driving the car? In all circumstances?

      £2 or £5 for 3 (plus P&P)
    • Keswick05

      Keswick 2005 - The Glory of the Gospel

      £2 each or £5 for three (plus P&P)
  • Study Guides

    Suitable for individual or group use. Additional material includes questions, discussion points, ideas for action and further study.

    • SG_all_you_need_is_christ_galatians

      All You Need is Christ! (Galatians)

      ‘Christ lives in me’ trumpets Galatians. Yet so many believers seem to behave as if Jesus never triumphed over death. ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free,’ so why do many Christians live in spiritual bondage? ‘All one in Christ Jesus’ may be fine as a Keswick motto, but so many of

    • 2013 Study Guide - The Transforming Trinity

      Keswick 2013 Study Guide - The Transforming Trinity

      Does believing in the Trinity make any difference in real life?

      These seven studies will help you grow in your understanding of the inexhaustible riches of the Trinity.  Find out why the Trinity is central to our beliefs and fundamental to the working out of our faith.

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    • 2014 Study Guide - Really?

      Keswick 2014 Study Guide - Really?

      These seven studies help us go deeper into the truth and to root our lives in Jesus Christ.  They explore how th truth about Jesus can reshape our thoughts, identity and purpose, and give us true security and hope for the future.

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    • SG_connect_with_the_jeart_of_god_hebrews

      Connect with the Heart of God (Hebrews)

      Charles Price digs deep into the letter to the Hebrews.

      The aim of this study guide is to help bridge the gap between the Bible world and our own. Charles Price’s commentary digs deep into the letter to the Hebrews and opens up the world of these first century believers to us. The letter to the Hebrews was written to address some of the fundamental misunderstandings about Jesus that the Jewish people had. The author is writing to correct their ignorance of who Christ was and to explain how Jesus Christ completes and fulfils Israel’s history, Israel’s law, Israel’s ceremonial rituals and Israel’s priesthood.

    • SSG_From_Why_to_Worship_Habbakuk

      All You Need is Christ! (Galatians)

      Jonathan Lamb examines Habbakuk, asking the demanding question of whether we can rejoice in the Lord whatever our circumstances.

      Would God be enough if we were to lose everything else? Would we be able to say, with Habakkuk, that although we had no means of support, no food, nothing to drink, we would ‘rejoice in the Lord’?

      This is a challenging book. Jonathan brings Habbakuk’s prophecy to life, showing how we can take God with us into our darkest times. Habakkuk wrestles with God: he shouts his questions, roars his unhappiness- and then he waits and listens. Let Habakkuk take you thorugh your daily life, with all its pains and problems, and find for yourself that the Lord is enough.

    • SG_grace_people

      Grace People

      The great themes of God’s covenant love and grace traced from the beginning of the Bible to Revelation.

      For many, it is an eye-opener to trace the Bible from start to finish; to see how the glorious truth of God’s covenant love links it together. This material was first presented at the Keswick Convention: because of the great response, it has now been expanded into a book.

      ‘Grace People’ takes us from Abraham to Noah to Jesus and then to the crystal-clear grasp of God?s truth in Paul and will give you encouragement in the ultimate assurance of being God’s covenant people.

    • SG_King_of_Heaven_Lord_of_Earth_Colossians

      King of Heaven, Lord of Earth (Colossians)

      The aim of this study guide is to help bridge the gap between the Bible world and our own. Steve Brady’s commentary digs deeper into the letter to the Colossians and opens up the world of these first century believers to us.

      Here was a missionary church that actually outlived, out-thought, out-died its contemporary world and passed on the baton of faith. And it’s from this letter that we can find encouragement and inspiration, as we live for the King of Heaven, and, Lord of Earth in our generation.

    • SG_Life_through_God_s_Word_Psalm 119

      Life through God’s Word (Psalm 119)

      The wonder of Psalm 119 brought to life and relevance for all.

      ‘Teach me, O Lord, to follow your decrees ... Direct me in the Path of your commands, for there I will find delight.’ Psalm 119:33-35

      Christopher Wright delves deep in Psalm 119 to explore its multi-layered meaning. This material was developed for a teaching series at the Keswick Convention and, because of the great response, it has now been expanded into a book. It is a book to learn from but also to be encouraged in the assurance of the security of God’s word.

    • SG_Song_of_a_stranger_daniel

      Song of a Stranger (Daniel)

      A study guide based on the life of Daniel, helping Christians shine like stars in a post-modern world.

      How can we be faithful to God in a non-Christian society without compromising our beliefs? How can we resist the pressure to conform?

      This 6-week study guide looks at Daniel’s life; the story is set in a time when the Israelites were in exile in Babylon. They were wondering how they could still be God’s people in a foreign land; how could they serve God when all the props their faith relied on had been removed?

      We face a similar dilemma in the twenty-first century. Daniel’s story reminds us that we can make a positive contribution to society and preserve the integrity of faith.

    • SG_The_Fullness_of_Christ_Ephesians

      The Fullness of Christ (Ephesians)

      Ajith Fernando brings the first chapter of Ephesians to life.

      Just what is available to the believer in Christ? Hope and riches, according to Ajith Fernando: blessings, identity, grace and peace, and the resurrection power of Christ.

      In this wonderful book, Ajith Fernando brings to life the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, showing what is ours by faith: how God took the initiative in granting us salvation, and what our response should be.

      If you have ever wanted to get to grips with Ephesians, this is the place to start.

  • Keswick Foundation Series

    For over 130 years, the Keswick Convention has played a vital role in the growth of the worldwide evangelical faith. However, there are millions of Christians who honour the name of Keswick but have limited appreciation of the Convention’s core values and commitments. This exciting new series attempts to address that gap in understanding.

    • The Amazing Cross

      The Amazing Cross

      The cross of Christ is the heartbeat of Christianity. It is a place of pain and horror, wonder and beauty. Here sin collided gloriously with God’s grace. As Christians we know about the cross but what difference does it make to the way we live, our priorities and values, and even how we face suffering? Grounded in sound theology but with practical application this book presents us with the challenge to place all of our lives under the shadow of the amazing cross and allow that cross to transform us here and now.

    • Growing Up by Dave Fenton

      Growing Up

      Countless young lives have been challenged and changed by the Spirit of God revealing Jesus through his Word. This practical how to book will help in pressing on in the work of winning younger hearts and minds for Jesus.

      How to turn young people from a needs-driven lifestyle, based on entertainment, contemporary culture and a dependency on popular psychology and counselling, into people who love God and choose to live a biblical lifestyle with a God-centred worldview.

    • KF_all_one_in_christ

      All One in Christ Jesus

      A church united in truth and mission could be much more fruitful in serving the Lord.

      Jesus prayed that all his disciples would be one... and yet we are a long way from that.

      It appears that divisions within the evangelical world are hardening, with many of us going to those conferences, listening to those speakers and reading those books and newspapers which will simply confirm us within our tribal divisions - and we are increasingly neglecting our God-given responsibility to seek for unity. David Coffey has worked across the tribes for many years, and in this book he calls on all evangelicals to be prepared to pull down their barriers and to reach out to each other, for the sake of reaching this needy nation with the gospel.

    • KF_discipleship


      Peter Maiden guides us through the essential topic of discipleship.

      Every Christian is called to be a discple, but do we realise this? And what does it mean?

      Peter Maiden, after a lifetime of discipleship, shows from his own struggles and experiences that the life of discipleship is a life of relationship - a love between us and Jesus.
      We are called to servanthood, to being wise in the use of time and money. Then there are things we can do by ourselves: the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, fasting; and things we can do to help each other, as church communities.

      Finally, he looks at what it is all for - mission - all who is is all for - Jesus.

  • Keswick Classics

    • John Stott at Keswick

      John Stott at Keswick

      A collection of John Stott’s teaching from his years at Keswick. Over the last 40 years, John Stott has made a huge contribution to the Keswick Convention. This book brings together many of his sermons and teaching from the across the decades.

      £8.99 - Currently unavailable